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I started writing a blog because I read blogs.  Everyday.  And it seems like I learn something new everyday because of it. I started reading blogs more consistently about 2 years ago when one day I realized that I was spending too much time on FB (anyone relate??) and that my time would be better served at least learning something other than what people are making for dinner.  Oh…wait…I guess I still learn that now reading some of the blogs I follow but at least it FEELS more educational.  I found one of my first blogs from Better Homes & Gardens magazine.  And from there, I’ve added to my bookmarks blogs that “speak” to me.   No surprise that most of the blogs I follow are about home décor, although some are about fashion too!

Since you’re taking the time to read what I write, I thought you might like to read what I read too. So cozy up on this cold night (if you’re in the Northeast) and read along with me…I’m really happy you are hanging out with me!

#1 The Nesting Place

The Nesting Place

In a previous post, I already encouraged you to read The Nester. Her tagline is “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”  Her philosophy really resonates with me and I think about those words often as I walk on my kitchen rug with frayed ends or see the dog’s toys strewn all over my floor or the wall that still doesn’t have any furniture or the _____ or the ______ or the ____________!!!!  I could go on and on and on.  I bet you could too. Many of my treasures (or rooms in my home) are imperfect but I still like to think they are beautiful too.

#2 The blog that started it all: The Inspired Room


New York Times Best Selling Author Melissa Michaels - Love the Home You Have and The Inspired Room
The Inspired Room

I like Melissa’s writing style and the pictures of her previous house — she recently moved.  The kitchen and living rooms are beautiful.  So many usable ideas! You know what I mean, right? Her home was well crafted but it looked like you could sit in it and be super comfy too. She has also written 2 books on the subject of design with another one on the way soon.  I’ve loved both of them so I will definitely be buying her next book.

#3 My Sweet Savannah

the blogger behind My Sweet Savannah

Great DIY ideas.  This girl can use power tools and I’m in awe! It’s a goal of mine this summer to get handier and Melanie shares lots of creative, doable ideas. Plus, her home is beautiful to look at.  If you like outdoor spaces, be sure to check out her outdoor room. Oh my!!!

#3 A Thoughtful Place

Courtney from A Thoughtful Place

She’s a lifestyle blogger, covering home, food, and clothes.  But, her personal style posts have inspired me the most.  I love the clothes she shares!  She’s also price conscious too which matters so much to me.  Have you ever been in TJ Maxx and spied THE most beautiful purse only to discover it costs like $200? What is it about that store where I always find great bargains on everything else, but seem to only gravitate toward the pricey purses?  Well, in this blog, the clothes are cute AND I can afford them…mostly.  Her style posts usually happen 2x per week.

#5 Emily A. Clark

Emily A. Clark
Emily A. Clark

Great ideas. Great style.  Great writing. A personal fav.  She is also a very consistent blogger, usually updating her blog 4x per week.  Besides encouragement from some very close friends, it was Emily’s blog that made me feel like I could start writing my own. Her style inspires me and she has posted great, easy to follow tips for starting your own blog which really made me feel like I could do it, and I did!

#6 iHeart Organizing

IHeart Organizing

Like the title implies, this blog is full of amazing organizing ideas. Her home is just as beautiful as the inside of ALL of her drawers, cabinets, and closets.  Not mine!  I showed you that picture of my closet.  I have several more closets like them.  That’s why I read this blog.  So I can pretend that I’ll get more organized — someday. Her blog is eye candy for those who dream of reforming their messy ways.

And the last one is not a home blog, but purely a fashion one.

#7 J’s Everyday Fashion

Lightweight turtleneck, black trousers
J’s Everyday Fashion

I decided to include this blog too because I always find interesting outfit ideas that make those “What do I wear?” moments a little easier.  Like this one.  (I may try to copy this for work tomorrow!)   I also like how she takes magazine and catalog photos and tries to recreate the looks for less.  My daughter likes this one too so it must be hipper and trendier, right?

There’s my top 7.  7? Pretty random number to end on but it makes me smile remembering how a friend once shouted at the pool to her kids, “Ok! We’re leaving in 7 minutes!” I teased her for years about that.  Who tells their kids 7 minutes? 10 maybe or 5, but 7? Her explanation that day was that it seems longer than 5, but more realistic than 10.  It made sense to me.

So there you have it…10 seemed like too much and 5 not enough, so 7 of my fav blogs seemed just right!

I do read more blogs daily but I didn’t want to overload you in one post.  I’m sure as I keep writing, I’ll keep sharing what inspires me.  And, if you have a blog that I should read, add it in the comments below.  I am especially interested in reading more about cooking! The Boss would appreciate that too.

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  1. This is inspiring bc I am trying to spend less time on FB….thanks for giving me a fun and productive alternative!


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