Bike ride.

One of my most favorite things I’ve done this summer might surprise some of you because it doesn’t involve DIY or yard sales or flea markets.

Ready for it??  It’s been riding my bike! (maybe the title of my post gave it away?)


When I was little, the name of my bike was “Lady Luck.” It was green with a giant shamrock printed along with that fitting moniker on the side of my bike.  I guess I felt lucky as a kid — especially in the summertime.

My dad found this picture for me of my bike.  Obviously I was born a 100 years ago so excuse the grainy image!

If you look to the left of my shoe, you can just barely see the name “Lady Luck” and the shamrock.


As I got older, my friend Brandy and I went on endless bike rides, sometimes with a plan, but most times, not.  As soon as my jobs from the “Job Jar” were done (more on that later), we were off.

Exploring the trails by our house or venturing far beyond, across the bridge, and along the river, we were adventurers — wild and free.

Sometimes we would ride to the corner gas station and buy Sprites and a bag of Skittles to share.  The library was a favorite stop too.  I would fill my bike basket with books and we would read on my porch or by the pool.

Now I can do that again, thanks to my new, vintage-looking bike that I bought at the end of last summer.


All summer long, I’ve been trying to ride everywhere I can, and it has made even the most mundane errands more fun.

I bought my bike last summer but here’s a couple of other options — and guess what? They’re under $100!

Huffy Beach Cruiser

I love my white bike but how fun is this seafoam green color? It screams summer fun!

Hyper Beach Cruiser

Bonus — Walmart will assemble your bike for free, even if you have the bike shipped to your home.  Just take it into the store.  Even easier, ship site-to-store so you aren’t the crazy lady lugging a giant box through the store like I did.

Of course, your bike needs a bike basket too!  This one is similar to mine.



Lastly, as luck would have it, I bought this L.L. Bean tote as a fun, summer version of a purse, and it just happens to fit in my bike basket perfectly:

Boat and Tote, Open-TopBoat and Tote, Open-TopBoat and Tote, Open-TopBoat and Tote, Open-TopBoat and Tote, Open-Top

Boat and Tote, Open-TopBoat and Tote, Open-Top

Image result for ll bean totes

The small tote holds my giant wallet, cell phone and shades perfectly and makes it easy to grab and go.

My new bike may not be the “Lady Luck” of my childhood but I do feel very lucky each time I get to take it for a spin.  Now I just need to get Brandy a bike too — we can meet at the corner like we used to when we were little, except instead of Sprites, I’ll pack rosé!

I hope you are savoring your summer too. I’m trying to lose track of time.  It’s still July, right?

love, Angie

ps. I found a picture of me on my 2nd bike — a 10 speed.



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  1. I loved our adventures on our bikes!!! Such good memories ❤️ My bike was blue with a little white cloud … called the “Sky Queen” 😊 I am on a mission to find a cool bike now!!!


  2. Remember when we gave up Sky Queen and Lady Luck for 10-speeds? How could we think they were cooler????


  3. I am green eyed with jealousy. I just finished watching my favorite sporting event, the Tour re France, and I am full of desire to ride…just not up the Alps


  4. Well, birthday girl, saddle up and get riding!!


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