Kitchen update

I have cabinets again!  I don’t have anything in them or any hardware on doors and drawers but I have cabinets!  Look…


and I love them!!


And there’s a fridge (it’s not plugged in) and a stove… oh wait…that’s my old stove but it’s plugged in and working.  We are waiting on a gas line to install our new stove which should happen early next week.

This week has been equally exciting (because of all of the things I just mentioned) and equally frustrating (because of things I’ll tell you about soon.. but not yet, because let’s stay on the happy train a while longer.)

We bought our cabinets at Lowes.  It’s the Shenandoah Breckenridge line.  We selected these cabinets based on several recommendations from friends, loved the quality and features available, and timed our purchase to coincide with a sale which was an added perk.

The finish of the cabinet was also really important to me.  I knew I wanted white cabinets and Shenandoah’s Linen finish is a bright white that doesn’t read yellow at all.  In fact, it color matches perfectly with Benjamin Moore’s Super White which I will be using for all the trim work in the kitchen.

I was tempted to select a different color for the island cabinets and trimwork like a dark grey or blue but ultimately decided against it.  After all of the finishing touches are added like my lighting fixtures, oven hood, open shelving, wood beam (I can’t wait to share that with you soon!!! Swoon!!) I was worried that using a different color for the island might just be too much.  If I change my mind later, I can always paint it, right?

Now that most of the cabinets have been installed, I’ve been mentally planning how I will organize them.  And how many things I won’t be putting in them.

Since moving everything out of the kitchen 4 weeks ago, we’ve been using our dining room as our makeshift kitchen and we’ve been using less — less dishes, less bowls, less gadgets.  Admittedly I have been cooking a lot less, but still, I have come to realize again that I have too. much. stuff.

So, when this kitchen is done — when will it be done?? I am taking stock of each and every item I bring back, and the rest?  Well, I’ll have a yard sale this summer. Or donate some things.  Either way, I can’t wait to purge.

So that sums up all the exciting news but now let’s dive into the rest (Insert sad face).

We ordered 2 extra large cabinets for this space to create a pantry. (This is the back of one of them.)



But when we unboxed them, we realized that although the overall dimensions of the cabinets are correct, the size of the door openings are wrong.


The bottom doors were supposed to be substantially larger than the top doors and they aren’t.  Additionally both of these cabinets arrived with damages on the sides which would be visible after installation.  We will be reordering these to correct the mistakes but not sure when they’ll arrive yet  It could be LONG time.


But what’s even more frustrating and what’s causing even more of a delay, is this space here to the left of the fridge.


The measurement for the fridge wall was incorrect on our kitchen plans — so annoying.  This left an awkward gap on this wall.  After brainstorming some solutions, we determined that we could order an 18 inch upper and lower cabinet to fill the space.  It’s a win because I gain even more storage but it’s a problem because we can’t template* our countertops until all cabinets that have countertops are installed.

*Template/templating means that the countertop people come and precisely measure where your  countertops will be.  Then it usually takes about 2 weeks before your countertops are ready for installation.

So, that was a lot.  To sum it up, new cabinets could take 4 weeks (or more!) to arrive, then add at least 2 more weeks for countertops, and we’re looking at finishing the kitchen by 2020.

Well, that might be a stretch but still — that’s like 10 weeks from now!!!

I’ll know more next week about estimated delivery times, etc.  I’m hoping that my order will be expedited as promised.  I’ll be sure to let you know!

In the meantime, I’m dreaming and decorating.  The runner  I ordered from eBay which will go between the island and the fridge came today.


It will be a sweet pop of color to balance out the sea of white cabinets, black accents, and wood flooring.  It’s a vintage rug — from the 1930’s, and it’s in amazingly pristine shape.  Perfect for our family to beat up.

I’ll post again in a week or so.  Hoping to have cabinet updates to share!  In the interim, follow me @angiepburke on Instagram for more kitchen (and family!) updates.

love, Angie












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