HomeGoods happy?

I’ve only been waiting for like, ever, for a HomeGoods to open nearby and now that it’s finally happening, I’m not as excited as I thought I would be.  I know — it’s shocking!

You see, I am really, really, really trying to be mindful with my purchases, especially for my home.

It might not seem that way when I post on social media my yard sale and flea market adventures, but I promise — I’m really not on massive buying sprees when I’m out and about; it’s more about treasure hunting and finding things that serve a purpose or bring me happiness.

But getting back to HomeGoods — I love HomeGoods and will most definitely be trolling its aisles frequently, but I will not be filling my cart season to season with its wares to fill shelves or walls.  I can’t afford it nor do I want my home to be that impersonal.  I find much beauty in the old and the worn.  You know? Like this quote from the Velveteen Rabbit:Image result for velveteen rabbit quotes


I love vintage pieces, old pieces, junk to some, but treasures to me because they’ve been loved.

What I don’t need are more things.  I wrote about that here and here.

Now, one section that will be really hard for me to pass is the pillows — HomeGoods has the BEST throw pillows and nothing refreshes a room better than new pillows. (That’s why I have a closet full — small steps.  Really.  I am getting better).

Here’s what I will be buying at HomeGoods, guilt-free, in no particular order:

  1. Baskets.  I love vintage baskets best, but HomeGoods has such a great variety and since I use baskets for everything, I can always find the size I need for a great price.
  2. Towels.  Kitchen and bath.  If I need any kind of towel, this is my go-to shop. Again, great selection, great prices!
  3. Paper goods. Napkins, paper plates, disposable party supplies.  I love pretty paper plates and the ones at Walmart just aren’t that cute.  Ever.
  4. Lamps.  I didn’t even know how expensive lamps could be because I normally buy mine from T.J. Maxx or Target, but when I googled a pair I spied on Instagram, my head hurt.  Yikes.  No need to shop anywhere but Home Goods (or its sister stores) for lamps.  I do love vintage lighting but sometimes vintage lights are more expensive and more labor intensive than most of us can handle.
  5. Candles.  I love candles and I never pay more than $8 per candle when I buy them from T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods.
  6. Throws.  I love all of the blankets and I buy a new one every fall to cozy up the joint. Again, great selection, great prices (did you notice a theme here?)  I never spend more than $20 for a throw and each chilly winter night when I’m curled up on my couch, I am so thankful for its warmth.
  7. Kitchen accessories.  Wood utensils, cutting boards, café au lait bowls, glassware. All favorites of mine to shop for and give as gifts.

(weird, I know, ending at 7, but that’s for my friend Greta, plus that’s about all I shop for there)

So, Home Goods, I still really, really, really love you, and I’m so excited that you will be nearby.  (My friend Mindi is also happy because whenever I visit her in NJ, I make her take me!)

But, I will be a careful shopper.  I will stick to my list and my budget…

…unless you’re a super cute pillow with tassels.  Then, I might just have to succumb.  I mean, a girl can only be so strong, am I right? Tassels!!

ps. If you do go to HomeGoods when it opens in Scranton this weekend, could you share a picture with me of your fabulous finds? Just to see what I’m missing…:)

pss. But nothing too amazing or I might be really jealous.



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