Thirteen Reasons Why.

If you have a tween or a teenager or if you’re a tween or a teenager or if you just want to better understand both, read this book and then watch the show on Netflix.  Even better if you can do it together.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher was published in 2007 but its content is still relevant 10 years later, and because of the book’s recent adaptation as a series on Netflix, teens everywhere are talking about it.

If teens are talking about something, shouldn’t you be a part of the dialogue?

A favorite student of mine gave me a copy a couple of years ago to read (I still have it, Kate — I promise to give it back to you) but I didn’t read it until this week and I loved it.  I devoured it! Then I bought 10 copies super cheap on Amazon, just around $5 and gave them out in my classes to whoever wanted to borrow a copy.  My students snatched them right up.

Be warned…this is not an easy read. At all.  But it’s realistic.  Sadly, it’s very realistic.

In the book, some of the references are out of date and there’s no references to social media.  Again, it was published 10 years ago but the Netflix series corrects some of that.

I’ve been a high school teacher for almost 20 years and what the book and the series accurately portrays that has not changed is HOW HARD IT IS TO GROW UP!!!!!!!!

I can’t scream that any louder!!

As a parent or a friend or even just as a person, knowledge is power.  If you tell yourself your kid won’t do drugs, drink, have sex, self-harm, bully or commit suicide, you are wrong!

“Not my kid” needs to be erased from your vocabulary.  Now.

Your teen may do all of those things and we need to help them.

Start the dialogue now.  Start early.  Read this book and watch the show.




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  1. I read the book many, many years ago, also from a student’s recommendation. I thought it would be be trite and stupid and a waste of time. Instead, I found it touching, thought provoking, relevant, and necessary. I have recommended the book myself and have read it with student’s. It starts powerful conversations. I cannot believe it took a decade for someone to make an adaptation.


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