This is me.

My family.




I’m passionate about all things for my home including all the people (and dog — Boo!) who live in it.  And I’m a teacher, a reader, a life-long learner, a wine drinker, and a believer that all things can be beautiful with a little work and a lot of love.

I love yard sales and flea markets too.  And I’ve been known to pick up “treasures” from the side of the road.  Yep.  I’m that girl!

I will be sharing all things that interest me — what I’m creating/crafting, what I’m working on in my home, what I’m reading,  and what projects aren’t going as planned.  A photographer I’m not so that is something I will be striving to do better.


Come check back and see what’s going on!

All the best! Angie

Oh…and a few years ago I was on Flea Market Flip…


That’s my good friend Melissa and I beating our husbands on Flea Market Flip.  Check out all the action on Season 6, episode 13: Wives vs. Husbands.


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  1. Angie I swear I know you. Did you work at DWI.


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