Quick update.

When we painted our house 6 years ago, I wanted a bright pop of color for the window box and our mailbox so we used June Day by Sherwin-Williams.  I liked the contrast to the Interesting Aqua and Moody Blue (also SW) of the main parts of the house, how unexpected the yellow was, and plus, our house was painted yellow when we purchased it and I thought painting the window box and the mailbox yellow was a sweet tribute to our home’s roots.

This picture was taken shortly after we painted our house…



And here’s what it looked like BEFORE all yellow…



But, this spring I was ready to try something different, and on a whim, I painted both the window box and the mailbox white.


I used white semi-gloss exterior paint I already had in the basement (Score! Free update!), and in about an hour, my window box got a face lift for spring.. (if only all updates were this easy)



Here’s the after…


Another plus for the new glossy white is the endless possibilities for plants to use in the window box this spring/summer.  In the past, the yellow limited some of my plant choices.  For example, I never would have used hot pink geraniums like I have “planted” in it right now because yellow/hot pink didn’t seem to really work.  My brain is swimming in color thinking about all the possibilities –I can’t wait to get to the garden center when it gets a little warmer to mix and match!

Now, the flowers really pop, don’t you think?

I love projects like this one.  Free. Quick. Painless but high impact.

I was also inspired to update our “porch” too.  It’s not really a porch — more like a breezeway, but you have to make do with what you have, right?

Here’s a peek at the changes I shared last week on my Instagram…


I’ll share more as soon as I finish the rest.  I’m missing some key pieces like where can I put my wineglass??  Now, that’s a problem I need to solve STAT.

What simple updates do you have planned for your house this spring? I’d love to hear about it!

Also, I’m headed to the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market this Sunday.  Can’t wait to see what treasures I’ll find.  They better be cheap though…my budget is tight.  Yikes!


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  1. Well, that breezeway seems to be calling out for an old wine cask (cut in half) for your wine glass or some fun old piece that gets a new life, new breath on the breezeway. I know you’ll find something. Looks great! Love the white. Crisp and clean and ready for anything.


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