Hurry up, spring.

After THE most beautiful weather this weekend (wasn’t it awesome!!), I have one question for you: who’s ready for spring? I know I am!  Are you with me???

It’s around this time of year when it starts to become difficult to park my car in our garage that I know it NEEDS to be spring soon.  Not just because I’m dreaming of more warm days and sunny skies and green grass and daffodils, but because I am dying to start all the projects I have been cramming into my garage all winter.

One of the first projects I want to tackle is to spray paint this bed frame for my daughter’s bedroom.

If you read my very 1st blog post, you might remember that I bought it at Sal Val for $19.  What a deal! It wasn’t priced when I first spied it so when the manager told me, my desire must have been palpable! I think I even squealed. I clearly don’t have a poker face.

We are planning on painting this a matte black as soon as the weather warms up to 50 degrees again. She is very excited and I am too.  I think it will look great in her bedroom.

My next project will be to refinish these chairs.


When my neighbor put these out on the curb, I snatched them right up. As you can see, the cane seats are broken so I am thinking that I will make new seats out of plywood that I will cover with foam, batting, and fabric.  I may need The Boss to assist on this one because I don’t know how to use a circular saw which I think I will need to cut the seat bases. But, that’s ok because I want to learn.  Hope he’s ready to teach me!

white kitchen remodel 230
via Nesting with Grace

I love the color of these chairs from Nesting with Grace and I hope to sand and stain mine a similar color.  I do love the look of her cane seats too but getting chairs recaned means a lot more money than I want to spend right now and I am not familiar with anyone in my area who does this.  So fabric it is!  Now to select which one to use? I am thinking maybe some kind of grain sack to keep them neutral.

I also just spied this black chair at the West Elm outlet.  I love this look too.

black chair


Besides cleaning out my garage and tackling these projects I am also excited thinking about yard sales!

This was my favorite find from last summer.


I scored these canisters for $3 for 3! (The cross-stitched “Bon Appetit” is another find.  $1.)   Gotta love yard sales.  I love them so much — I want to hug this picture.  Seriously.  I do love my shiny stainless steel and chrome but brass and copper add so much warmth to a room too.  And warms my heart. Sigh…

Finally, here’s my latest porch design.

spring porch

Of course, I’m calling it “Hurry up, Spring!”

When I “stole” those sticks from my friend, I kind of had this idea in mind to hang bird cages from them.  But I didn’t have the heart to put my fake birdies in the cages.  Look real close — they are perched on top. I’ve had those white bird cages forever.  Another yard sale find which again makes me think: hurry up, spring!

What are you looking forward to this spring? And, should I stain the chairs grey or spray paint them black?? I don’t know!!! Help me decide.


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  1. Can’t wait for my new bed.


  2. Grey stain on the chairs and I was with you when you bought those canisters and I love them and I love your blog!!!!


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