Try it: Easy Valentine’s Day centerpiece

alstroemeria close up

Stop waiting around for someone to give you roses and buy Alstroemeria! Say what?!? What’s that flower you ask? To be totally honest, I didn’t know its correct name until I googled it to spell it for you.  I always refer to them as “that Astro flower” which now I know is definitely incorrect.  What I do know for certain is that these flowers last and last and last.  The flowers in this photo are exactly 1 week old and they are still going strong.  I don’t typically buy fresh flowers; I prefer plants these days because you get a lot of bang for your buck.  Read more about that here. But, alstroemeria come in many different colors, last for a long time, can be purchased in the grocery store, and are very affordable.  These were buy one, get one free! Yipee!!

Since Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, why not buy a bunch? My centerpiece is super simple.  I used 3 mason jars, cut my flowers to fit, and then set them in this rustic wooden box.  I purchased the box from Feick’s Vintage Finds which is located north of Meshoppen.  You can follow her on FB.  She posts pics of her finds frequently and always has something unique to sell.

alstroemeria top

The DIYer in me almost felt guilty when I bought the white box.  It’s made out of 3 pieces of scrap wood which has been distressed.  Seems easy enough, right? I kept thinking that I could make this, and this summer, my goal is to learn how.  I am pretty handy around the house, but I have yet to master any power tools.  The Boss always needs to step in for that part.  But, this summer that’s going to change!

I actually have a pile of scrap wood in my garage that is calling to me.  I found it in front of a neighbor’s house that they had set out for garbage.  (I think this is the 2nd post I’ve written that involves me taking things from the street? It won’t be the last either!)  Anyway, I’ve been planning things to do with it and I think #1 I should make some boxes like these and #2 I think I would like to make a dog feeding/watering  station for Boo, our lab/beagle mix.


I love how it looks on my kitchen table.  Now, what I don’t like are my photography skills.  Grrr.  My kitchen is tricky to photograph; it gets lots of morning bright light but it makes it challenging for me to capture without getting a glare. I’m working on it!  I do love the space though and how light&bright it is.

If you buy yourself some flowers, I’d love to know how you styled them! Even better, if you’re handy with power tools, what are you dreaming of making this summer?



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