Love is all you need.


It was time for my “Rustic Ski-Lodge Cabin Glam” front porch to go.  After my Friday shopping trip to Applewagon Antique Mall, I found my inspiration — an old wrought iron heart planter.

Hanging it was no problem, but what to put in the planter? My goal was to totally use things I already had, items I could repurpose, or something I could make quick and cheap.

So, here’s what I did…

valentines porch

I think it looks SWEET!

Let’s start with the heart.  I decided to fill it with love, literally.  An X and an O.  I made them from leftover cardboard that I spray painted gold using paint I already had.  It took me about 10 minutes tops from cutting to spraying.  I love how it turned out, except next time I would have used flat cardboard or particle board.  The bumpies in the letters kind of bother me but not enough to re-do it.  These letters would look great on a wreath too. Or, hung with ribbon from the top.  Lots of possibilities.


Then I hung a garland I made a few years ago.  I cut hearts from red and white felt, and burlap.  Next, using a needle, I strung them on twine and knotted the ends.  Previously I have draped this garland on a mirror which also looks really sweet!  This garland is super easy to make too. It’s definitely something you could do with the kiddos. Older ones could easily handle the cutting and the stringing.

I wanted to add more red to my porch so I found a small red stool that I had that I set on top of a longer, lower white stool.  I placed a metal, red checked box on top of it all.  Then, I wrote a simple quote on my trusty chalkboard to finish out the love theme. Love IS all you need!

I guess I should also talk about those sticks.  The Boss was aghast when I unloaded them from my car after “stealing” them from in front of my friend’s house.  But I like the height they add to the other side of the porch and after Valentine’s Day, I have an idea how I can keep using them for springtime.  Either way, they will make great firewood for those outdoor campfires I keep dreaming of!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Now, I have to help my kiddos make valentines for their classmates and friends.  Any good ideas?


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  1. Here’s an idea for a Valentine card: Make the front of the card look like the Sweethearts candy box. In the large heart in the middle, write the recipient’s name.


  2. Hi Mrs.Burke, I love this! So sweet for Valentine’s Day! 💓 I was looking & I thought how cute it would be if your candle lanturn on the right was pink/red! It would be quite a change but just putting my thoughts 🙂 Still cute with the blue! But was just thinking a little sass!


  3. You are extremely creative. I was wondering what you would do with that!


  4. Wow! When I saw your purchase I didn’t know what you’d do. The cardboard letters look great. You have me thinking how I can re-purpose a few things for the front window to make it look festive.


  5. I would love to see what you create, Renee!


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