Saturday Shopping: Applewagon

One of my usual stops for treasure hunting (besides Sallies) is Applewagon Antique Mall. It’s a co-op that has mainly antiques and some antique-wanna be’s.  I could easily kill an hour strolling through the booths.  You never know what you’ll find!

What I like about Applewagon the best though is the porch! All items on their front porch are always 25% off.  Now that’s my kind of shopping.

Friday night, right around closing time, the following items caught my eye and I bet they’re still there (Saturday) for you to snatch up quick.

wooden box
Hey baby! Wanna hide some junk on my shelves?

This wooden box has a fantastic grey distressed finish that is not reading well at all on my computer screen.  Trust me.  In person this box is all Hello.  I am rustic and cool.  I would love to come home and hang on your bookshelf or underneath a bench.  I can hide your crap and look good doing it.  With the 25% off, this bad boy costs $27 which is slightly more than I would usually pay but it is a good size.


This sweet antique high chair is almost the exact shade of blue-green as my house (and my TV stand!)  Besides being the perfect perch for your younger babes at your kitchen table, this chair would also work well in a bathroom with a basket of towels or as a plant stand near a bright window. The paint is in great condition but would be an easy spray paint fix if you would prefer something different — matte black maybe? With the discount, it would be just under $30.



Like the high chair, stepladders are a multipurpose work horse.  After a good scrub to remove some of the flaky paint, I would use the taller one as a shelf.  It would be a sweet display with some books on each step or even plant perched on top.  The smaller ladder is my favorite.  Because of its height, it would be perfect as a bedside table in a boy’s room.  A reading light would fit perfectly on top with room for a small clock or a glass of water.  The lower steps could hold books or other treasures.  Kids have lots of treasures, right? It’s also indestructible which is a plus plus plus in my book because my boys beat stuff up!  These are priced to sell.  The taller one is $12 and the shorter one is $9.  They won’t be there long.

Sap buckets are a favorite find of mine.  If you’ve never seen one before, they do just what their title says: collect sap from trees.  That’s why it has the nail hole at the top so it can hang on a tree. I took 2 pictures because I wanted to show you that this one has a flat bottom. Sometimes sap buckets have bottoms that bow out so they weeble, wobble.  Not this one which creates even more possibilities.  This sap bucket would be perfect filled with a plant, or magazines, or books, or rolled up towels in a bathroom, or filled with sticks on your porch, or pumpkins in the fall or toys in a playroom or beers by the pool. Phew.  I am tired just typing all the things you could do with it! You get the idea.  With the discount, this bucket is $10.50.  It would also look great on top of one of those ladders too!

Glass bottles are my sirens.  I must not fall under its spell.

I love decorating with glass bottles.  This one happens to be an old kersosene jar which explains its funky top.  I love it just as it is but would take the top off if I had some longer sticks or stems to use it as a vase for a centerpiece.  I’m thinking forsythia in the spring time or hydrangea later in summer, and of course fall leaves after that. I also like glass jars repurposed as lamps.

diy lamp

Melissa@The Inspired Room made this one and I think it looks beautiful and beachy and even better, easy! You could do this! The kersone jar is around $18 with the discount.

wire heart

And this is what came home with me…a wire heart basket. It’s actually a lot bigger than it looks.  In person, it’s about 24 inches from top to bottom and I think it will make a SWEET wall hanging for my front porch.  My “Rustic Ski-Lodge Cabin Glam” has got to go soon and I think I will LOVE this new addition out front.  I just have to figure out what to stick inside it, or I may just leave it empty.  Of course the bow has got to go but maybe I will add something rustic at the top to give it an edge? Ummm.  I will definitely share later.

Now I know that not everyone will be able to go to Applewagon but I bet if you go to your local antique store, you may find some items just like the ones I did.  If you do buy one of these beauties or something similar, please tell me about it! I’d love to see what you find! Happy hunting!




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  1. So I have been doing something I never do, not shopping for clothing and focusing on turning our home (right now it’s the master bedroom) into something stylish! Now this isn’t easy because I am very new to decorating and I’m still working on figuring out how to make things go together. I’m kind of a minimalist because I’m scared of having things that don’t have a place! You have inspired me to start being creative and going for it! 😉


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