The elephant in the room.

Hello TV.

Our TV is front and center when you walk into our family room.  There’s no hiding it.  We used to have a cabinet that had upper doors to hide the TV, but come on’. Who were we kidding? We all knew the beast was inside.

I liked the cabinet.  It had lots of great storage at the bottom, but overall, it was big and bulky.  The only time I would close the upper doors would be when we had people over because we all know we have to hide all signs of life when guests arrive!  Did you see that video on Youtube? If not, here it is. Company is coming. I hope I’m not that extreme but The Boss may differ.  I’m trying to get better about keeping it real…

The other time I would close the doors would be at nighttime.  I would tuck my TV in and go to sleep.  Thankful to hide it for another day.  I’m not sure why, but it seems like decorating around the TV is a struggle.

Once I decided to embrace my TV and address the elephant in the room, I decided to make it work by decorating around it.  Right now, it sits on a dresser that was originally in my bedroom.  Before that, it lived in my grandma’s basement.  It was a cream color.  More dirty looking than dreamy creamy.  When I moved it downstairs, I decided to paint it and I actually used one of the colors from our exterior house paint.  It looks slightly different in this picture but it’s called Moody Blue by Sherwin Williams.

Sometimes when I paint, I’m all like, let’s prep this right.  Sand, prime, yadda, yadda.  And other times, I just want to get er done.  This dresser was one of those times.  I just used a paint brush and a roller for the top.  No primer or any prep work.  I know it’s scandalous but I painted it about 3 years ago, and there’s only minimal scratches at the top.  But who’s looking, right?

She’s ready for her close-up.

Lately, I have been thinking of painting the TV stand/dresser black.  I have a lot of color in all of my trash treasures in my family room and I am leaning to using less color in the big items in the room like my couch.  And my rug.  Hope The Boss isn’t reading this one.  The couch is neutral but not the rug.

I am just not sure about changing the color of the dresser, so for now, I’m keeping it Moody Blue which suits me just fine.  I guess you could say the paint and I are similar that way.

More details to follow in a separate post about the gallery wall above the TV.  But, what could you paint in your house to reuse/repurpose? What have you been meaning to paint but have been afraid because of all the work involved? In only a couple of hours, you might just learn to love “that old thing” all over again.



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  1. OK so I have been following this blog now for a while and Angie when I tell you how much alike we are Its amazing or kinda….. I don’t really have words to explain it Just so you know I have done and fuss over my house worse than you. My boss and the people in my house have learned to just ignore me moving things and painting things have become a way of life. I paint everything I have a spray paint obsession I have it in all colors and use it all the time to change things. My latest craze is the turquoise family I have this splashed all over the place and I will show you a post of my recent job and old sewing table. I use this color because of the pottery I collect I have been putting it around more instead of keeping it all put away in the hutch. I think you should keep the color I love it it adds tons of character and interest in that room Of course that’s just my opinion and wants a painter always a painter I’m sure you will redo it black:).


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