Try it -Winter porch stylin’!


winter porch

xmas porch

Can you spot the differences?

The top picture is how my front porch looks today and the bottom, how it was styled for Christmas.

I love creating welcoming, seasonal “displays” but didn’t want to be That Neighbor who keeps their Christmas decorations up all year so I removed all obvious Christmas references and kept the rest.  I’d like to think it’s “Rustic Ski-Lodge Cabin Glam” which is a fancy name for stuff I had in my garage that my kids won’t use to play in the snow.

You too, can create this look.  I bet in your garage you have an old sled, skates, or maybe even skiis.  The best would be snow shoes.  I found a pair at a local antique store, the Apple Wagon Antique Mall, but they were $200! Yikes.  So I guess if you find snow shoes in your garage, you should hug them.  They are valuable.

If you don’t have room for a bench like I have, you can still add some winter welcome to your front door.  I asked my neighbor if I could style her door to show you some examples.  Again, I am using items that most of you already have — who wants to spend money when we’re all saving up to buy snow shoes?

Look #1

I used a wicker basket, some firewood and my sled for Look #1.  I also used a plaid scarf I have to add some warmth (in case the sled gets cold!) and some texture.  If you don’t have a plaid scarf, a big, woolly scarf would look amazing too.  If you don’t have a stack of firewood in your backyard, my local hardware store sells wood by the bundle and it’s really reasonable. Plus, you could burn it in the summer for a campfire!

Look #2

For Look #2, I removed the sled, but kept the basket, the wood, and the scarf and added a lantern.  I love this look too! If you don’t have a lantern, placing a candle in a mason jar would work too. Both of these would look even better with a wreath on the door, but I wanted to show you how easy it is to style a winter “look” with everyday items.

I hope this weekend you give it a try.  If you do, be sure to send me a picture.  I’d love to see it! And if you find snow shoes…well, feel free to brag! I will be jealous.

*Thanks to my neighbor for sharing her beautiful blue front door.  I know you’re dying to know — it’s Sherwin Williams Royal.  Also, isn’t her rug awesome?


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  1. This made me laugh out loud. It was worth reading just for that along but now I also know a little more about styling my porch! I’m kind of freaked out by my porch because because I know there’s lead paint on it. So I spend a lot of time wishing it didn’t exist. Maybe I should show it some love! Is it nuts that I love old chippy things but when I see them I just wonder if there’s lead paint on it?! So instead of thinking “How can I use that!?” I’m thinking “How can I keep my kids from licking that/I hope no one buys that and eats off it.”


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