Lodge-y front porch.

I loved reading all the comments about my silver cup! Seems like many of you have done what I’ve done.  And my husband LOVED my mea culpa; his screenshot of my words “John was right!” will surely be used sometime soon when I least expect it or want it.

Today was a snow day.  Well, more like a slush day.  I finally ordered family calendars for Valentine’s Day gifts and it took forever — like all morning!  I even made my oldest do most of the work for me and yet it still seems like I haven’t left my laptop all day.  I used Snapfish which is currently running a 40% coupon probably because no one else is ordering a calendar in January.  We used to give them as Christmas gifts but a couple of years ago, I ran out of time.  I didn’t think anyone would notice but my family must have missed seeing my kiddos pictures each month so the Valentine’s gift idea was born.  If you are looking for other photo gifts, Snapfish is running a 60% coupon on lots of items.  This photo book is a great price for $9.99.

Last year I was on the hunt for snow shoes. (Not to wear, silly, but to hang on my porch.) I wrote about it here.  I found a pair this summer at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in Connecticut for $50 which I thought was a good price considering most pairs I saw at Brimfield were $100 and up!






Now all we need is snow!

All the best–Angie

ps. My oldest took these pictures for me.  Makin’ her work for her keep!



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  1. Love your front porch! I actually just bought a tobacco basket while antique shopping with Mindi. I hung it in my living room and it looks great. Just need something to hang inside it (thinking a magnolia wreath?)


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