Friday Night @ Sallie’s

Since reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, I have been taking about 10 bags a day to my local Salvation Army and Interfaith Wardrobe.  (Have you read that book yet? Seems like it was THE book of 2015 of those who read like they Pin… love the idea but will I ever do it?? At least that’s how I Pin!) Anyway, the problem is that I can’t drop a bag off (or 20) at Sal Val without going inside to see what new, cheap treasures may be waiting for me. Surely this negates the premise of Ms. Kondo’s book but I can’t stop myself.

Most times I leave the store empty-handed but sometimes, like last Friday night, I score big.  Well, I bought 4 things.  (And, it doesn’t seem like that long ago that a score for a Friday night was a table at the Cafe 210 West…Iced Tea anyone?)

Here they are…

Copper candlesticks

copper candlesticks


They’re about 6 inches tall and have beautiful brass detailing at the bottom.

$3.99 each.





Up next, a solid brass lamp.


This lamp is a beauty.  Heavy.  Like “Colonel Mustard did it in the library with this brass lamp” heavy.

It’s now on the sofa table (I call it a sofa table but it was the narrowest table I had that fit behind the monster-sized sectional that it’s in our family room.)

I like how shiny it looks with the lamp on.  Classes up the joint all for $9.

So that was Round #1 for the night. But then I spied a full sized brass bed frame spray painted black for $19. And it had to come home with me too.


But I wasn’t sure if all its parts were present so I had to do a consult with the Boss.  Normally when I have to consult with the Boss, I usually have to prepare The List of why I need something. But when he heard the bed frame only cost $19, the financial planner in him realized that this was not a risky proposition and guaranteed him my adoring love at least for the night so back we both went to Sal Val and took it home too.

I was planning on buying my daughter a new bed frame for her birthday so for $19, this was a huge score.  We will spray paint it a satin black as soon as the weather is above 50.  I’d like to think we will spray paint it together.  Mother-daughter bonding.  Instilling a love of all things junk in her.  Laughing as we go. Can you picture it? I can only dream..

Now this is what I didn’t buy.  What I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve if it had been a different day.  I told you — Sallie’s was hot that night!

dresserThis dresser had cool details like the herringbone design on the drawers and these amazing pulls.  I took a close-up.  The dresser was priced to sell at $50. Was almost tempted just for the 8 pulls.

drawer pull

Next I spied these black, upholstered, high-backed chairs.

black chairs

With a slipcover, these would have been rock stars EXCEPT for the price — $60 a piece. I am going to go back this week and see if that gets any lower.  I would pay that for both.  Besides, I think I can only use 1 now, but would hate to split up the 2.  You know.  For the day I move into my mansion…

The crafter in me almost bought this tray. But I didn’t.  Another way that reading that Magic of Tidying Up book has changed me. 1 less tray on the shelf.


Although now that I’m seeing it again, I’m thinking greyish-beigeish spray paint.  Candles.  Or maybe those new copper candlesticks I did buy.  I better stop thinking about this.

Speaking of those candlesticks, I used them for our fancy Sunday night dinner tonight.

fancy dinner

Can you see them shining on the table? Look hard.  They’re right behind the Heinz ketchup bottle tilted upside down to get the last drop.  That’s how we do fancy.

angie and chairs
See.  I told you they had high backs.  But I am pretty short.

What have you found thrifting recently? And, should I buy the chairs??


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  1. I want to go to Sallie’s right now…but I need to read that book and fill a few bags first! Wonder if that table’s still there??? It caught my eye! Excited to add this new home and lifestyle blog to my feed! Can’t wait to see how that bed turns out! I think we could be friends!!


  2. I want to go to Sallie’s with you now! I think we could be friends!! But first I need to read that book and fill a few bags to tidy up! Looking forward to future posts!


  3. Haha I am loving this! You got a website and it’s great! But now I NEED that dresser and I feel like I need to take a trip to our local Sal Val ASAP!!!


  4. What is that velvety upholdstered thing in front of you?! I think I am going to have anxiety about it, it looks like I need it haha!


  5. Oh Angie – I love your first post! I will make sure to follow! I can’t wait to read about all of your adventures! Best of luck!


  6. Oh Angie ! A girl after my own heart! I didn’t know. I just bought a leather chair from Sally’s and I love it! I also purchased Frank’s dresser from there. I stripped it and you should see how beautiful it is. It is a wonderful large oak chest of drawers – thomasville when they built their furniture in the states. I also bought my new tv stand from there and painted it a beautiful cream. I’m looking forward to the weather getting warm so I can start working on some projects that I want to do.


  7. Finally an Angie blog!! Yeah!! A little worried about exposing our town treasure to too many talents, but loved your post and your finds!!!


  8. Love it—one of the most talented women I know sharing her gifts with the world!!!


  9. I’m hooked and I can’t stop reading (Hint; read this to “Baby’s Got Back” to fully enjoy)


  10. I’m going to have to follow you now! I love going to Sally’s and I just bought a white metal cupboard there tonight to refurbish. Also starting a big hutch over haul at my house! Great blog Angie!


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