Yard sale.

Yep.  This lady is having a yard sale this Friday, July 29th from 9-2pmish for all you locals.  My “storeroom” aka my basement shelves and floors were unnavigable which meant that it is time for me to unload my treasures aka junk to you.  Lucky you.  Expect rock bottom prices, tons of household thingamabobs, random toys that my kids are trying to sell, and actual junk.  But come anyway!!!

Here’s a peek at the pile that’s building in my garage.



And here’s what my “storeroom” looks like all cleaned up…

Where do you store your seasonal items? And how do you decide what to keep? Finding joy still guides my decisions on what to keep and what to donate/sell/trash.  You can read more about that here.

See you on Friday!

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