I’m in limbo.

So I’ve started a lot of things, but have finished NOTHING! Nada. Nichts.

Have you ever felt this way too??  I have so many great ideas and I want to see them through but then my life gets in the way.  My job.  My kids.  My family.  The weather!  Bad TV!! (Not you, Dinner at Tiffani’s.  You are worth every. single. second.)

All of these “distractions” aren’t necessarily negatives.  I love my kids and my family and even my job! I just mean that sometimes a lot of the time, I need to adjust my plan to meet the needs of my LIFE.  That means that I don’t always get to do what I want, when I want (who does, right?) But this inability to get it all done RIGHT NOW has left me feeling blah.  Bleck.  You know.  Flat.

Since I’m not done with anything, here’s where I am with everything…

1. Brass bed frame from Sal Val


It’s painted! Yipee!! That’s the good news.  But it’s in the garage and waiting to be assembled in my daughter’s room.  We painted it on a sunny weekend and it was so nice working on a project together.  It will be even better once it’s in her room.  The longer it’s in the garage, the more likely it is to get dinged or scratched by a stray basketball.  (If you’ve ever driven by my house after school, you’ll know why!)

2. Blank space/chair slipcover.

I haven’t cut or sewed anything yet, but I did do what I’m good at: shop.  I bought cording to make the piping.  Say what?? Essentially the cotton cording is sandwiched between the fabric to become what will be the piping for your pillow’s edge.  Or in my case, chair cushion.

covered with fabric, soon to be piping

*images from sew4home.com

3. For the Love

Still reading this book.  About 1/2 way done and saving it for Easter break this weekend. Lots of takeaways about life.  One that I’ve been chewing on is Jen’s advice on marriage. I’m calling her Jen because I think we’d be friends if we met (or at least that’s how she makes you feel with her narrative — she draws you right in close like a best bud and makes you want to listen!). Anyway, Jen says that in marriage, you both don’t need to be an expert in everything.  For example, The Boss can’t ever find anything (what man can?) and I tend to get a little very frustrated when this happens but Jen says I shouldn’t.  I should recognize that I am the expert finder and that this is my role in my marriage.  Similarly, The Boss is an expert at cleaning up after Boo in the backyard.  He remembers to do it on a regular basis and doesn’t miss a thing so that his role.  These examples of course are the “easier stuff” but I do think this concept would work for the “hard stuff” too.  I am willing to try.  And I will finish the book and tell you more.  

And finally…

4. Flea Market Flip


No air date…yet! We know season 6, episode 12 airs on May 1st.  We are episode 13 so it must be soon after that.  I promise I will share as soon as I know.

So that’s where I stand.  Stuck in the middle.  But maybe after our short holiday break this week, I will have more news to report.  I am itching to get something done. Stay tuned!

(and thanks as always for reading!!)



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  1. What a fun! I love Flea Market Flip and I can’t wait to watch your episode!




  2. It’s like the Easter Bunny came early for me — thanks so much for reading and your comment, Karianne!!! I love your blog — I read every post!! I love how you weave a story in between and around all of your inspiring photos! I’m sorry for all the exclamation marks but I am sooo excited over here! I’m not as excited for our episode of FMF to air though. That makes me nervous!! We taped last May/June and I have no idea what ridiculous things I said or did. And I bet there are some doozies. Thanks again for the shout out!! Happy Easter!


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