Weekend update.

I’m in a Smidgens coma — all you Gertrude Hawk fans know what I’m talking about! And, if you’re not from PA, just think chocolate+creamy peanut butter center = what more do you need to know??

Besides my belly being full, my heart is too.  Spent a wonderful break with my kiddos and my family, including my 94-year-old Poppy and my 89-year-old Grandma.  Love them so much!!

And, I finally got something done! The Sal Val brass bed frame is in my daughter’s room and it looks GOOD! So, so good!!

other full bed

You’d never guess that it was only $19! The finish looks kind of shiny in these pics but it is more matte in person.

pillow close up

She already had the pillows and the bedding — all from TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.  I love the mix of navy, gold and black.

full bed

Like the pillow, seeing this bed finished, totally makes me smile too! (and my daughter loves it which makes it even sweeter!)

And one more update…


I started the slipcover for my yard sale wing back chair! I used an old sheet as a template, cut sections to fit, and then traced the template unto my drop cloth.  I cut all of those pieces and then pinned/pieced it back together on my chair and then I said I’m done. I’m tired just typing all of it. Oh my!! The cutting and pinning and piecing part was tough.  It took me about 2 hours to get to this point and I haven’t even started sewing yet.  I had to walk away before I got frustrated and sewed a finger.  I still have to fit the pieces together, repin, sew, fit, rip stitches, resew, and then I still have to cover the cushion! UGH!! Can’t. Even. To be continued…

How was your weekend? What are you stealing out of your kiddos Easter baskets?? Any projects that you started or better yet, tackled?

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  1. Well, I didn’t buy any smidgens thinking I was a clever girl…unfortunately, I did order this new item they have called brown butter caramel. Clever just flew right out the window. The bed looks so good. It looks even better because you made it together. Glad the whole family was together.


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