April Fools.

Happy April Fool’s day! For about 7 years, I have been making April Fools’ foods for my kiddos. Take a look at some of my creations.  Clearly, some are better than others and NONE are healthy!

1. Fish sticks, ketchup, and peas.
2. Fruit juice?? Or is it? Love her expression!
3. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
Yep.  It was Jell-o!
4. Brown E’s for dessert.  My middle cried when he thought he wasn’t getting “real” brownies.  Luckily for him, I had a pan hidden and pulled it out at the last minute. Look close to see the chicken nuggets and sweet and sour sauce.
008 (2)
5. Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
6. Pizza pizza.
7. Baked potato, sour cream, and butter.

This is what we had for breakfast today…

8. Donuts!

They were a hit! Looks pretty good next to the real deal, right?

*If you want to know how I made my pranks, here’s the break-down:

  1. Fish sticks=wafer cookies covered in peanut butter, rolled in Rice Krispies, Peas=green Laffy Taffy rolled in small balls, Ketchup=warm raspberry jelly (not jam.  You don’t want seeds.)
  2. Fruit juice= Jell-o in a cup
  3. Meatloaf= Rice Krispie treats made using Cocoa Pebbles, Mashed potatoes= vanilla bean ice cream, Gravy= caramel sauce
  4. Brownies= large capital E’s on a plate, Chicken nuggets=pound cake covered in thin coat of peanut butter rolled in graham cracker crumbs, Sweet and Sour sauce= caramel sauce
  5. Tomato soup=yogurt with red food coloring, Grilled cheese= pound cake with icing dyed yellow-orange.
  6. Pizza=flour tortilla covered in raspberry jelly for tomato sauce, white icing for mozzarella cheese, cashews for mushrooms, and green fruit roll-up for green peppers.
  7. Baked potato= vanilla ice cream rolled in cocoa powder, sour cream= white icing, and butter=yellow icing
  8. Donuts=bagels iced with whipped cream cheese with some pink food coloring, sprinkles=sprinkles

Most of my ideas were inspired by magazines and websites I have viewed over the years but sadly, I haven’t kept track of my sources — I apologize! I love giving credit to all of my inspirations so just know that these are not all my original ideas.  Well, except for maybe the donuts.  I thought of that on my own.

I will be posting a slipcover update on Sunday.  It’s finally done but, I’m not ever. doing it. again. It was HARD!! (make sure you read that last sentence in a really annoying and whiney voice.)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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