What’s saving your life right now?

That’s the question Anne from the Modern Mrs. Darcy  posed on her blog this week and challenged her readers to respond to on February 2nd. She noted that today marks the 1/2 way point of winter (ugh! Only 1/2 way??)  and that many of us may need to “combat the winter doldrums.”

I decided to take on her challenge.  I like the idea of focusing on what’s making my life truly great right now rather than focusing on what might be causing me anxiety or holding me back.  I have been at kind of a darker place (for me) recently and it’s been hard to see what’s going right because I have been focusing on what’s going wrong.  When I read her blog post, I knew it was speaking to me.  Now seems like the perfect time to focus on the positive so here goes…

1. My grandma who is almost 90 keeps me laughing every day.  I swear, every time I call her, she is cracking jokes.  This, in spite of the fact that her husband, my poppy who was 95, recently died.  I am in constant awe of her strength and her faith that allows her to see the richness in the life that still exists around her.  For 71 years, my grandpa was by her side, and now she is learning how to be all over again without him. I also love her willingness to watch The Bachelor with my daughter when I can’t take the trash anymore! Seriously, Corinne is too much this season.

2. My son is feeling better again! He had a rougher-than-usual recovery following a tonsillectomy because he ended up getting the flu(?) or something funky.  He was out of commission for almost 2 weeks, even too sick to celebrate his 13th birthday.  I am very grateful he is back and ready for action. I pray so hard for all of you mommas whose children are suffering, really suffering; your strength is immeasurable.  My son’s illness was just temporary — thank god.  I send healing prayers out to all who need it!

3. I’m glad I’m writing again.  So many times, I’ve had the itch to start again, but then something would get in the way and the moment would be gone.  A week or so ago I vowed that I would try to write every day or almost every day. I might not post to my blog daily or even with any kind of regularity, but I’m writing (or working on my writing) each day and that is saving me right now.

4. I’m thankful for the Gilmore Girls.  My daughter and I have been watching the original series and I love it! I look forward to those evenings when we can watch 1 or 2 (or 4!) episodes in a row.  Cuddled on our couch under a pile of blankets, we’ve had some really meaningful conversations based on problems that Rory faces whether it’s at school or with Jess or with Dean. And we sing the theme song together each and every time…

“If you’re out on the road
Feelin’ lonely and so cold
All you have to do is call my name
And I’ll be there
On the next train.

Where You Lead
I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to
If you need-If you need me to be with you
I will follow
Where you lead”

I get really into it by the final chorus.  I may not be the greatest singer but I make up for it with my enthusiasm and my volume. I hope that every time we sing this song she knows that I mean it. That I will always be here.  I also love the Gilmore Girls  because if I squint really hard when walking or driving through my hometown (and ignore some empty storefronts), it really does resemble Stars Hollow.  I love the community that I live in with all its quirks.  It is really is a “Great Place to Live” like our slogan proclaims.

So those are the 4 things that are saving my life right now. I think I could keep going but this post is getting a little long.  It’s funny that when I started writing, I was worried that I wouldn’t have much to write but I guess that’s the point of this exercise: the more you focus on what’s lifting you up, the easier it is to shift your thinking away from what’s bringing you down.

I’d love for you to share what’s saving your life right now? Can you please share on my FB page or in the comment section of this blog?  I know your words will lift me up too! Also, if you want to read more, please check out the Modern Mrs. Darcy’s post.

With love! Angie






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  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one who secretly thinks our little town is, not only a “great place to live,” but also a lot like Stars Hollow! I am also a huge believer that you do not need to sing well just loud and with feeling. What a great theme song to put that into practice with! I am loving that you are writing.
    Now to answer the question:
    My family saves me, in particular my son, Greg. His stories crack me up with his dramatic flair. He tells these hilarious anecdotes of first grade that include details like, “Ryan who is Ryeker’s apprentice” or “It looked grim on the playground.” We have dance parties every morning on the way to school. Could I ask for anything better? I also have my yoga practice. I really love what it does for my mind and my body. I appreciate my friends and my students who help me laugh and put things in perspective. A good book never hurt either.


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