Blue Apron update.

Thanks for all of your comments about my Blue Apron post.  I wish I had free coupons to give to everyone who inquired like…

Image result for oprah giveaway meme

…but sadly, I don’t.  Colleen, Anne, and Brandy — I can’t wait to hear what you think.

My latest shipment came yesterday and uh oh — one of  the Cara Cara oranges was rotten. It was an ingredient for the Cara Cara orange, radish and romaine salad. Everything else in the shipment looked super fresh, and again, like last time, the meat was very cold — still mostly frozen.

I debated contacting the company.  It was just an orange for a salad and I did have another one.  But I just recommended Blue Apron on my blog and I wanted to see how good their customer service was. I snapped a quick pic of the orange, found contact info on their website, and uploaded the pic of the sad-looking orange.

I got a response within a couple of hours!  They apologized for the quality of the product they sent me and credited my account $17.48 which seems very generous considering everything else was fine and it was just an orange.

Lesson learned.  Like one of my favorite colleagues teaches in his classes, it is so important to give consumer feedback.  I’m glad Blue Apron acknowledged my issue so quickly and generously made amends.  I still feel good recommending them!

Happy eating! Angie

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  1. Do you have more free trials to give away? If so, my email is


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