Flea Market Flip: Sell Day


This is my final installment of my behind-the-scenes look at the TV show Flea Market Flip, hosted by Lara Spencer.  I competed along with my good friend Melissa, against our husbands John and Rich in Season 6, Episode 13: Wives vs. Husbands.  Not so ironically, our show aired on Mother’s Day and the wives won!!   I wrote about the Buy Day here and the Workshop Day here.  The last part of the show is the Sell Day where you get to sell the flips you’ve crafted and the team with the most profit wins $5000.

Our Sell Day occurred at the Green Flea located in New York City.  Because it’s located right in the city, it is obviously much smaller than the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market where we had our Buy Day but there were great vendors (including a pickle vendor!) and I loved the city atmosphere.  I was jazzed up and ready to sell, sell, sell!


We took this picture when we arrived.  Melissa and I struggled with what to wear and the rainy and chilly start to the day did not help!  By the time we started shooting, my hair frizzed out and puffed up and I had to take off my fab necklace because it was hitting my mic and making too much noise.  John got a lot of flack from Rich for wearing his crabby shorts but maybe it’s Rich who’s the crabby one? Anyway, once we got rolling, we were too busy trying to sell our pieces and I quickly forgot about my hair and wardrobe woes.

It was easy to spy the show’s crew; they set up rows of tents outside the flea market, but unlike the 1st day, we did not have much time to waste before we got started.


Our producer for this day was Dustin.  He talked us through the day, got us hooked up with our mics, and generally made us feel more at ease.  My darn nerves again.


Alex, a master craftsman on the show and a total goofball, was here for the day in case we had any last minute issues with our flips.  He’s a lot of fun! Can you tell?


Then it was time to set up our booth. The crew wrapped up all of our flips after our Workshop Day and brought them to the Sell Day.  They were waiting for us in our booth when we arrived.


These are some pics of the rest of the Green Flea as the other vendors were setting up for the day.  Rain, rain, GO AWAY!!




Melissa and I brought lots to style our booth; our car was packed! We figured our flips would sell better if our customers could really imagine those pieces in their homes. Our strategy must have worked, right?  Although some of our customers inquired, we were not allowed to sell anything besides the 3 pieces we created specifically for the show.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, friends and family were not allowed to buy any of our items either.


Melissa and I had to work fast to get it all set up; it didn’t help that it was raining.  My maxi dress was like a sponge.  I should have worn my rain boots.


Almost ready…




I loved how our side of the booth turned out.  We brought everything — the rugs, the banners, all the accessories, but it was worth it to help sell our stuff.

And this is the husbands’ side of the booth.  Wonder if they had any help with their staging???


After we taped some sound bites, it was time to sell.  Game on, boys!


It was a slooooooow start and Melissa and I were super nervous.  The husbands were too, but the rain finally stopped, and traffic dramatically increased.  We met so many people — lots of foreign tourists too which surprised me.  Kind of hard to ship overseas! It was really fun interacting with everyone and even better, when they bought our items!

Lara came and we taped our bits with her.  She loved how we styled our booth and we were thrilled!  She generated a lot of interest and people crowded around our booth.  But even with Lara’s magic, the husbands’ bench did not sell.


Because of that, the wives won!!!  It took about 4 months for our $5000 check to arrive in the mail and when it did, I hid it from our kids because I didn’t want them to see my name on it.  Melissa, John, Rich and I made a pact to not reveal the show’s outcome before our air date, and we stuck to it, despite begging and pleading from our families and friends.


It was the crew’s last day taping for the season so they were especially excited to be done for the day.  We packed up all the accessories we brought and I raced to the pickle vendor. They did not disappoint – yummers.  I am a pickle fanatic and these were delish.  I think the victory tasted pretty sweet too.


And that’s a wrap.


I wish I could do it all over again!  I loved every second.  If the producers decided to do an All-Star episode, surely Melissa and I would be on it, right?  Sigh. A girl can dream.





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  1. Of course you’ll be on the All Star edition. It was such fun to watch you follow that dream.


  2. Congratulations on your win! (Of course I knew already… lol) I love this blog, its great! This was such a fun experience!! I loved watching the final editions of our episodes….FINALLY! Hope you are still giving the guys some grief over their loss 🙂


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