When things don’t go my way.


This was supposed to be my new sink vanity. It was supposed to go in the bathroom that we were planning on renovating — I love it so, so, so much!

This vanity would have looked beautiful with the white solid surface sink top that I purchased and the floor tile that I selected too which was faux wood & fabulous! (Not to mention, the tile for the walls and new walk-in shower and the lights. <sigh>)

But, this renovation isn’t happening anymore.  Our talented contractor is taking a much needed break and after further looking at our budget and our 5-10 year plan for our home, we decided to scrap the whole thing. Yep.  Donezo.  It’s off the table for now and probably will be for a long time.

I returned this beautiful vanity to Home Depot, and I admit, I wasn’t a big girl about it.  In fact, I was sad the whole drive there.  But before you ask me to get a table for my pity party of 1, stick around for the point.

Like many of you, I grew up in a house with only 1 full bathroom.  This bathroom was a workhorse — shared of course with my parents and my brother.  Now that I own my own home with two showers, I can’t believe that we didn’t all kill each other over a hot shower.  We survived!! And I know, running water is a luxury too! I get it.  But we have a bathroom in our renovated attic that has a giant jet tub which was fun for the kiddos when they were little but would be more practical now as a shower.  I am thrilled that all 3 of my darlings like to shower but I am not happy about the yelling that ensues when one is in the bathroom too long.  Another shower=more peaceful house, right? But as I said earlier, this renovation would be a HUGE expense that we simply can’t do right now.  I don’t really need a 3rd shower. Maybe I just need the existing bathroom to work harder.

So that’s why I wanted to share this post with you because I wanted you to know that budgets are real.  As much as I would like to do everything to my house RIGHT NOW, I can’t and I bet you can’t too.

I read A LOT of blogs and watch too many shows on HGTV.  Sometimes, this leads to great ideas and sometimes this leads to awful HOME ENVY.  Yuck.  That evil green monster.  I know some of you can sympathize too.  My very good friend said she feels this way after watching Fixer Upper.  Every. single. time.  Can you relate???

So, I will make do.  Instead of a large-scale reno that included demoing a tub, adding a walk-in shower, new vanity, etc.  I’ve decided to focus on the bathroom that my kids currently use and freshen it up instead.  I plan on painting the walls&trim, buying a new shower curtain and towels, and adding some much needed storage — maybe on the walls? We will see.  This new plan will cost significantly less than my first one and although it’s not what I originally wanted, it is what works best financially and realistically for our family.

Here’s the before…

I apologize for the dark pics but there’s only 1 small window to right of the beach picture  on the wall.  The stripes are fun and punchy but I’ve had this shower curtain for about 12 years (it’s from Pottery Barn) and the rainbow towels are ready to be rags.  We already have lots of hooks on the walls but clearly we need more. Can you ever have too many hooks??  I would also like to add some kind of storage to the right of the medicine cabinet — maybe a rustic wood shelf like this one?

Or, maybe add shelves above the toilet, like my very talented friend Gina did to her bathroom.  She made these herself! (You should see the table she made too — she’s awesome!)

Love all of the added storage in an otherwise unused space.

This is the shower curtain I already purchased.

It’s from West Elm but no longer available on their website.  I think the whales are super cute and the grey+white combo might help to both brighten up the space and tone down the bright blue tiled floor. I promise to share it all with you as soon as it’s done– hopefully in the next few weeks!

If you are in the market for a bathroom vanity, here’s the link to the one I returned.  She comes in black and white too! (But wait for a sale — mine was over $200 off the list price when I ordered!)  I promise I won’t be jealous.

sink vanity
Gazette vanity

*Oh, and in Flea Market Flip news, click here to read about our show on the Great American Country channel’s website.

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  1. I didn’t realize others experienced home envy too. I mean, it’s not going to curb my HGTV viewing, but at least I know I’m not alone hoping someone from the channel arrived to “flip” my house in some way.


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