A quick get away.

It’s dreary and dark on this rainy March night and so I’m of course dreaming of this…


John and I were able to get away recently for a long weekend and it was just what we needed.  We relaxed on the beach, read a ton of books (me), napped (John!), and reconnected.  We stayed at the Excellence El Carmen resort  and were impressed with the service (everyone was so friendly!), the food (yum!) and the setting (see above picture — beautiful!!)

The decor was very inspiring too.



I loved their use of cement tiles surrounding the bar and on the ceiling.  I’ve been seeing cement tiles all over the place right now and would love to be so bold to include a pattern like this somewhere in my house.

This display at one of the restaurants checked all my boxes…


Black industrial lights? Check.

Weathered surfboards? Check.

Beach signs? Yep! — that too.

Ummmm….where can I copy this look?  Maybe the side of my garage facing my pool? If only I lived near the beach…maybe I could include local lakes on my beach sign? LOL!

John’s favorite spot (besides lounging ocean front) would have been the bakery.


Fresh baked pastries all day AND gelato satisfied John’s insatiable sweet tooth.

And I loved the fresh, fun decor of the sweet shop.


The “Market” graphic was actually a giant decal, like a fat head.  It would be so fun for a playroom  — maybe a restaurant or personal grocery store with your kiddo’s name?

So many cute ideas and easy to change out when your kiddos are like mine AND DON’T NEED A PLAYROOM ANYMORE! (Big sad face here.) Somebody do this and make me feel better, please!!

Time for a ridiculous, happy picture..


The nightly entertainment was fun too.  (This was circus night and the performers behind me were on stilts. I know I’m short, but not THAT short.)

It was nice to get away.  I really love this guy!


I’m a big believer that focusing on my husband and our marriage only makes our  family stronger and therefore, our children happier.  I do feel guilty leaving for even a short time, but we are blessed to have John’s parents (and our friends) take care of our kids when we are gone.

But back to reality and March and a forecast that includes some 50 degree days and some freezing ones too — ugh!

Hope you’re hanging in there too — spring can’t come soon enough!

love, Angie

ps. Here’s the  books I read when we were gone … just in case you need one too


The Couple Next Door: A Novel by [Lapena, Shari]


This one was a re-read in anticipation of the series’ debut on HBO…

Big Little Lies by [Moriarty, Liane]


This last book I read when I got home, but it was sooo good, I had to include it too. (If you read only one, this should be the one!)

If you read any of the above, I’d love to hear about it!







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  1. Loved it as always!


  2. you know I love book recommendations. those pictures were gorgeous. I needed that mini visual vacation. thanks.


  3. Thanks for the book recommendations! I loved your comment regarding putting your marriage first. It is so difficult to leave your children for a few days, but I also believe it so important to strive for time away. You’re great role models for your three littles.


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