I’ve read a lot of books recently.  Usually I’m a binge reader primarily during the summertime.  My school year reading is typically consumed by re-reading books for lessons or not wanting to read anything at all after grading and planning said lessons, etc. But I’ve had to do a lot of sitting and waiting during the last few weeks and nothing fills that kind of time better than a good book.

Here are 2 that I recommend if you’re in the mood to read something more substantial (and less political) than your FB feed.  Another perk…no heavy analysis or slow-moving plots.  Plus, there’s something about dark, gloomy winter days&nights that inspire reading, you know?

#1: The Dry by Jane Harper

#2: The Passenger by Lisa Lutz

and this one I plan on reading next: in a dark, dark wood by ruth ware.  I’ve seen this everywhere as a must-read so I’m hoping it’s that good.



I don’t consider myself to be a foodie but I do love food and I enjoy cooking.  In the fall, when school started, I was at the top of my meal planning game.  We had a schedule, I made shopping lists, and we ate something I cooked Sun-Thurs. nights.  But then I got lazy.  I was still cooking but I lost some of the back to school spark that I had had and our meals became pretty boring.  I’m not sure that my family minded very much.  They would eat the same thing every week and not complain as long as it didn’t include vegetables or anything remotely healthy.  But I’m not ok with that.  My job as their mom (and wife!) is to encourage them to try new things and eat vegetables damn it!  So, to combat all of these dinner issues, I decided to jump on the Blue Apron bandwagon.  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s basically a food delivery service that includes all the ingredients plus recipes you need to make 2 meals.  You can cancel anytime and skip deliveries too.

A good friend of my mine said that her kids loved opening the box when it arrived and helped with the cooking too.  My littles do enjoy helping me in the kitchen and are more likely to give something a try if they had a hand in it.  I’m hopeful this will encourage my picky-palated children to expand their taste buds.  My first order comes this Tuesday so we will see!


Hi-what??? Actually it’s pronounced hoo-guh and it’s a Danish word that means something like cozy but more.  Creating warm, welcoming homes.  Comfort too. And bloggers everywhere are gettin’ their hygge on.  I think everyone who lives anywhere reomotely chilly in the winter time has always been getting their hygee on but this year there’s a hard to pronounce, hip word to describe the layering we do in our homes to ward off the outward chill.  Think cozy throws on couches and chairs, piles of pillows, books on side and coffee tables, warm woods, and lots of candles.  Yes candles everywhere, and they must be lit.  Like you, I’ve been doing this for years but I didn’t know how cool I was until this winter when the Internet’s a buzz.  Anyway, my fav place to buy candles is TJ Maxx.  The prices are fantastic, the scents: heavenly, and the selection: gigantic.

If you want to read more about hygee, this article from the New Yorker explains it best.

The only problem with getting your hygge on is that you will be spending lots of time on your couch and you won’t get anything done.  Oh well…I’m heading back there right now.  I hope nobody stole my spot.










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  1. You’re back!! I’m so happy!!!! ❤️


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