Slipcover. Check.

I finally finished sewing my slipcover for my yard sale find and I have decided that I will never, ever, ever, ever, EVER sew a slipcover ever again.  It was a challenge! But, look how it turned out…


Hello beautiful!

My $20 yard sale wing back chair finally has the dress she deserves.  I knew she could be gorgeous!! In case you’ve forgotten, this is her before:

Pretty sad, right?

This is my inspiration photo.

cl wingback
I still swoon.

I’m embarrassed to admit the number of hours I dedicated to sewing the slipcover but once I got started, I just had to finish.  I don’t have a designated sewing or craft room so once I got out the sewing machine, the ironing board, the iron and a zillion sewing supplies, I felt driven to just get it over with.  I also have a puppy, Boo, who chews everything so I couldn’t leave my supplies out for too long.  I set up shop in my dining room after Easter lunch and dove in.  (My dining room table is used more for crafting than eating.  Anyone else relate??)

Each piece, cut, pinned, and ready to be sewn.

I found a great tutorial from Remodelaholic that really helped me.  If you would like to sew your own slipcover, this is a great place to start.  I don’t feel confident in my sewing abilities to give you my own tutorial especially since several of my steps would include to pray and/or cross your fingers that it works out.  Because that’s what I did.  A LOT!  If you look real close at my slipcover, you can probably see those moments.

Right side out, without her skirt.

I used 2 dropcloths to make the slipcover.  I have some fabric leftover but I definitely needed both packs.  I bought my dropcloths at Wal Mart ($9.97 each) and they looked like this:


After I first wrote about this project, I had some questions about how the dropcloth feels – was it too heavy, was it scratchy, etc. But I think it feels like a nubby linen, if that makes any sense.  It did have a tendency to get really stringy when I cut it, but I tried to be super careful.  Ya’ know.  In between all that praying.

My fancy box pleat on the skirt.  Probably what I’m most proud of, but not that hard to do.  (Don’t tell anyone though!)

The trickiest part for me wasn’t the cutting of each piece (like a puzzle) but sewing it all together.  I had the most difficulty on the front of each of the curvy arms.  If my chair had square arms, this would have been much easier, but those curves killed me.  I remember an especially low time…I started singing “Hakuna Matata” to keep my spirits up but it creeped out my kiddos.  I must be a horrible singer.

Finally, at around 10pm on the Monday after Easter, I finished.  I danced.  I high fived myself.  And I sat in my chair! Ahhh…


Now, my blank space isn’t so empty anymore.  I still need a lamp because I am really excited to curl up with a good book and read right here.   I also need to decorate the walls behind it, but for now, I am happy to be done.

So, I started off this blog post by saying that I will never, ever, ever sew a slipcover again! Buuuttttt ….this might be like childbirth.  I may forget the pain after looking at this beautiful chair for long enough and get lulled by another yard sale find looking for love.  I just hope it doesn’t happen again soon!

Thanks for reading! If you need me, I’ll be in chair.

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  1. That box pleat makes my heart sing.


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