Best curtains ever.

Don’t tell anybody, but The Boss and I are sleepers.  On a Saturday morning with no soccer or baseball or other plans in sight, we like to snooze.  Maybe we are making up for all those lost hours being up at night with our sweet babies (who aren’t babies anymore!) but man, we like to sleep in and these curtains allow that to happen.  These are the BEST room darkening curtains I have found.  But I also love them for so many other reasons too.

Ultimate Blackout Grommet Top Curtain Panel Pair

Not only do they block out light, but they are also affordable, machine washable, the same color on BOTH sides, and have a beautiful drape.  They really hang perfectly- no weird stiffness at all.  Soft yet substantial.

Here’s a pic of them in our house…

Family room.


We have them in putty in our family room, The Boss’ office, our bedroom, and in navy, in our middle son’s room.

Other side of the family room.  Pillows not fluffed.  Keepin’ it real people.

These windows are tall.  But I normally like to hang my curtains as high up as possible to make the windows look even bigger so I usually order the 96″ length.  2 panels come per pack so don’t be dismayed by the price.

OK, peeps.  I’m outta here.  I need my beauty rest. Now maybe you can get yours too!

My bedroom.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Spring is here finally in PA!!

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  1. I love that the are the same color on both sides!


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