Try it: Decorate with clipboards.

I have been seeing clipboards everywhere.  From the pages of BHG to my fav, fav designer of the moment, Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame, clipboards are hot.

And I think I know why.

They are affordable, readily available, and industrial looking if you get the wood kind. Plus, they are an easy way to display and then be able to change whatever it is you need to organize.  Perfect. No commitment decorating that’s cheap&hip.

bhg january 2016
Better Homes & Gardens January 2016


and from a future reveal on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”

Fixer Upper clips are stylin’ too.

And now here’s mine…

In my kitchen.


Check out the photo that 1st inspired me several years ago to decorate with clips.

bhg clipboardinspo

I love this idea so, so much! What a fun way to line a staircase!  Think of the possibilities – you could display fav family photos, kid art (because we have lots!), print out inspiring quotes from your computer, seasonal displays (think Christmas cards!)…all so easy to change out when you want to change your look.

Hello super close-up.  Loved this quote.  Bring on the snow!

My clips are pretty practical.  Located to the right of my desk, I tend to use mine to keep track of important papers or lists or pretties like this image I ripped out from a magazine.

The best part of decorating with clipboards is that I don’t even need to ask The Boss to help me hang them.  I can do it myself! And I bet you can too if you own a nail and a hammer.

In fact, I’m giving away 2 clipboards to my first reader to send me a description on this website where you would like to hang them in your house!

Now, go on now… tell us your idea! I can’t wait!!


Add yours →

  1. I love this idea! I am going to be painting our computer room, and I think using the clipboards there would be ideal!


  2. Sorry I missed the giveaway! I have had two in our mud room for 7 years! One with the weekly grocery lists, weekly ad and menu planners, the second with this sports season’s rosters and game schedules for quick reference!


  3. I have clipboards in the kids rooms for schedules and photos. I also have barn wood base with clips nailed to them for a similar look and function in the kitchen.


  4. I need to start using clip boards for the kids (mostly Eliza now) artwork. All the stuff she brings home from school and never enough room to hang it all. This way I could change it out easily.


  5. Ooh…I’m thinking clipboards going down the stairs to my basement!


  6. He did, and I loved the bow! I already clipped one of my watercolor paintings. I’ll post a photo on Facebook. Thanks again!


  7. I hung four on the side of my fridge for Greg’s artwork. A little magnetic tape and done.


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