The one that “almost” got away.

If your name is John, stop right here!

(But if it’s not, please keep reading…maybe you will learn from my mistake!)

Last summer I had a yard sale and it was awesome! My basement aka storeroom had become hoarder-like and I needed to do something about it.  Per the “KonMari” method, I examined, felt, rubbed,hugged and manipulated each of my precious treasures waiting for the spark: no spark=no keep.  The pile grew and grew as did the empty space on my shelves and basement floors.  Win-win!

As I was hauling my goods to the garage for pricing, he who shall not be named, looked at me incredulously and questioned my willingness to part with things that at one time, I must have really loved, or at least liked.  He suggested that I might regret some of my decisions.

No, no, naive spouse.  I “KonMaried” each item.  I followed the rules.  You didn’t read the book.  Move it!

And I was right… my garage sale was a joyful day! As each friend, neighbor, and friend-to-be came to my house, I felt such relief as my things found new homes and new people to love them. Whatever was left over, I bagged up and donated. That was my deal.  Nothing back in the house. I had no regrets.

Until I walked into Anthropologie in NYC around Christmas time this year and saw this display…


Well, at first, I didn’t feel regret.  I was excited! I had several silver pieces like the ones in this vignette.  It would look fabulous on my dining room table, stacked with books and some vintage plates.  I had a couple of tea pots, and cups, and…oh no….NO I DIDN’T BECAUSE I SOLD THEM AT MY YARD SALE!!! I sold ALL of my silver pieces at my yard sale (or donated them).

The KonMari method failed me.  Or maybe I failed myself.  Maybe I didn’t give some of my treasures a chance.  Then I started to think of other things I sold.  What if I was too hasty?? Or maybe it’s because sometimes we need to see our things from a fresh perspective. Anthropologie is known for their swoon-worthy displays.  Seeing those silver pieces displayed so creatively made me love them all over again, and I felt regret, NOT JOY!

Now, this part of the story is really going to annoy someone named John but here goes…

A couple of weeks ago, during one of my every couple of weeks or so stops at Sal Val, I found a silver cup. I was so excited and snatched it right up.  Thinking ahead to spring and summer yard sales, I realized that I could probably emulate my Christmas dining table of my dreams by amassing more silver with my plants and books and vintage plates.


And then I turned the cup over and saw this…


There below the Sal Val price tag of $1.99 was my price tag from my yard sale!  IT WAS MY CUP!  Or, was my cup before I donated it!  And the kicker, I only marked it for $1!

The lesson I learned? JOHN WAS RIGHT!

And, the next time, I’m going to squeeze a little longer, a little tighter BEFORE I kick something to the proverbial curb.  How many other treasures have I missed?


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  1. Dying laughing right now!! Damn Anthropologie!! So excited to refind all of the treasures we’ve let go!! Bring on the Spring!!!


  2. Saw the humor in this one! There’s a common theme with this and my own buying and donating cycle– one, our tastes may altar, but there are some things we will always like, two, those beautiful displays will get you every time and three, things will not look the same at home as they do in the displays. I ALWAYS ask myself anymore before buying something, “WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT IT, AND WILL IT LOOK RIGHT?” I was in Apple Wagon yesterday with the intent to come home with something, but came home with nothing, no regrets.


  3. Hi Rita! It’s hard to leave Apple Wagon empty handed — good for you!! And I definitely agree with you that some things look much better in the store. Thanks for reading!!


  4. I was at your garage sale last summer! I bought several pieces…the large map and few other goodies. You had some treasures for sure! I can’t wait for warm weather and garage sale season again!


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