Our episode of Flea Market Flip.

Our episode of Flea Market Flip will be airing on…

gmc screenshot

Sunday, May 8th at 8pm on the Great American Country channel!!!!!

It’s Mother’s Day — how ironic!



Does that mean the wives will win, or will it be the husbands?


You will need to watch to find out.

What were they thinking?!?

Just wait until you see what we bought…


Was it something like this?

So many treasures to be found at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market, in New Milford, Connecticut.

May 8th is still a LONG  time away so I promise to remind you as it gets closer.

Or…maybe I won’t.  I am starting to get soooo nervous.  I can’t remember exactly what I said or did.  Ugh!!


But, at least I know that I love what we bought and how we flipped it.  And, most importantly, I had so much fun from start to finish!  I am going to try to focus on that instead of what I looked like or sounded like.

After the show airs, I promise to share lots of behind the scenes photos for anybody who’s interested, i.e. my Grandma Ada.

Shhhh – Don’t tell, but I think The Boss is even more nervous than I am!




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  1. I am so excited!


  2. Wooooohooooo! Cannot wait!!


  3. Looking forward to May 8th……marked my calendar……. will it be on HGTV also?


  4. I am sooooo excited! You look beautiful!


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