Try it: Plate wall.

Plates aren’t just for eating  — they look great hanging on a wall!

*This is a long post but there’s a giveaway at the end.  For real. So stick with me if you can.

Check out these examples I found.

Summer Dining Room White Plate Wall and Console Table
The Inspired Room


The Nester


Tips for keeping cut flowers alive
Nesting with grace


What I love, love about hanging plates on a wall is that it’s affordable.  And easy.  And, it looks fabulous which is pretty much my criteria for almost everything I do in my house.

The examples I shared are beautiful but the plate wall in my house is much simpler.

I love the quote too.

This is in my kitchen near my stove.  I wanted to show that even a simple wall o’plates adds interest to an otherwise blank space.

Bet Adele  would like these plates.

In order to create a plate wall that looks cohesive and not like you just threw some plates up on your wall, I think it’s important to think about color, shape, and number and size.

First, The color.

The colors should all relate.  Now this is the first rule and it’s also the first one you can break if you want.  I just find it’s easier keeping all my plates happy if they look nice next to each other and sometimes too much color is just too much, you know?

Second, The shape.

It is possible to hang a noncircular plate (think small platter!) but it makes it harder.  The Boss might have to step in and help for this one.  Since I like to do things for myself (ha!ha! I can’t even write that without seeing The Boss shake his head!) I like to hang plates that are round.  If you do hang something that’s not round (and don’t mind risking the paint behind the plate/platter) I have a trick for that too which I will share in just a minute.

Third, The number and size.

I like to group my plates in ODD numbers because I’m odd.  No…not really (well … maybe) but because odd numbers seem to just look better.  Not just when decorating with plates but with most things. I found a great post from a blog, Apartment Therapy, which explains this much better than I can.


Apartment Therapy

Love this too. Cowboy hats are so cool.

Now my plate wall may not be odd in number of items on the wall, but there are only 3 plates.  I think the quote balances the bottom.


I also like to vary the size of the plates I use.  If all 3 plates are the same size, they compete which could lead to fighting.  Let 1 be bigger and all 3 will get along better.  Same goes for 5 plates or 7, etc.

Creating a your own plate wall is simple.  Trust me. It is!  And here’s how…

Step #1: Find a blank wall in your house that could use some lovin’.  It doesn’t just have to be a kitchen or dining room.  I have a small platter on a wall in my bedroom.

Step #2: Dig through your plates.  If nothing speaks to you, plates are always easy to find at yard sales, Sal Val, TJ Maxx, or Target. And most are $2 or less.

Step #3: Choose your weapon. I have used 3 ways to hang them: putty, plate hangers, and Command strips.  The easiest (but most likely to cause damage to the wall if you take the plate down) is putty.  Putty is also useful for odd sized yet light plates/platters. Plate hangers create just one small nail hole and are easy to use (but you have to buy 1 per plate and your plate has to fit the hanger.) Command strips work too and if used correctly, will not harm the plate or the wall if removed.  I have used all 3 choices and have been satisfied with the results. All can be found at any big box store.

Step #4: Arrange your plates.  On a table, lay your plates out until you like what you see.  Just like good friends, plates like best to be close together.  If you place them too far apart, they won’t be happy. You should also avoid any obvious linear lines.  Like the examples above, group your plates but don’t line them up.

Step #5: Hang em’ up. Follow the arrangement you made on your table.  I like to hang up the Big Guy first — the one that’s going to steal the show.  Then, follow with the supporting actors.  *If you are using putty, simply shape small pieces into a ball (think giant pea) and place behind 3 or 4 points on the plate, depending on how big the plate is.  Then press the plate in place and hold until it feels secure.  I used putty on my plate wall and the plates have been up for months.  Even with a door next to it that some people in my house like to slam even though I tell them not to.

And you’re done!

But let’s not stop there. Like the picture I shared from Apartment Therapy, it doesn’t just have to be plates.  I will be sharing some ideas soon for hanging baskets on your wall.  I’ve been stockpiling since last summer and I think I have a collection ready to hang.  Besides baskets and plates, what else can you hang up in 3’s or 5’s?

And now, the giveaway!!! Finally…you had to read a lot to get to the goods.

It’s a plate giveaway!! What else, right??

I am giving away 1 set of plates to 2 readers for you to hang in your own space!  Just click on the button to follow my blog to receive blog updates in your email.  Then I will randomly select a winner for each set of plates. Contest ends at 6pm Sun. March 6th. Thanks for playing along with me! And thanks so much for reading.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!





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  1. KAREN ALAI WILSON March 4, 2016 — 7:14 pm

    I have always wanted to hang plates, but also do not want to have them crashing down. Maybe the putty and hanger will help. Enjoy your blog, and keep us on our toes!


  2. I’ve also wanted to do this but was afraid a rowdy young boy would bounce them right off. If yours are still there, I’m golden! They look great.


  3. I know you also like to hang empty frames, I also hang groups of interesting hooks and knobs for my necklaces in my bedroom!


  4. Love all of your advice Angie!



  5. I love plates too, but I have yet to hang them because sometimes I am a little decoratively challenged on where to put them.


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