But I’ve got a blank space, baby.


blank space
My blank space.

But I got a blank space, baby and I am just fine with it.  For once.

This is where our Christmas tree stood this year (hello unloved Fiddleleaf! I will water you someday.) Before that, we had an antique dry sink here.  But, I never loved the color of it next to our wood floors and the top of the dry sink made styling on the wall behind it difficult.  When we were struggling to find a spot for our tree I decided it would be the perfect time to move the dry sink and put the tree there.  I knew after Christmas I would have an empty space, but I just assumed I’d figure something out by then.

This is the view with the space on the left, looking into the dining room, and then our kitchen.  Our family room is on the right.

But guess what? I got nothin’! After the tree was taken down, I tried moving a dresser there with an ottoman for balance (and another place for the kiddos to put on their shoes as they race out the door in the morning) but that looked funny.  The ottoman was too wide.  And the dresser was the same color wood as the dry sink so that didn’t solve that problem, and I just wasn’t feelin’ it.

This is our family room, opposite the blank space.

So I did what I always do which is to see what I could buy to fill that space and hope The Boss didn’t  notice I was buying more furniture.  Here’s what caught my eye as I shopped online:

First stop. Cost Plus World Market

Option #1: Everett Foyer Table $260. I like the weathered finish, the length, bottom shelf + 2 drawers. (I can’t get a pic.  Check out the link. It’s really cool.)

Everett Foyer Table

Option #2: Wood and Metal Aiden Console Table$232.  I like the size- 50” long, and the industrial style but wish it had drawers.  Great option though!


Wood and Metal Aiden Console Table

Now on to Overstock.com.  Have had lots of luck buying curtains and rugs from here.

Option #3: Elements Cross-design Grey Sofa Table $160.  Grey? It doesn’t look totally grey to me but that’s what happens a lot when ordering online.  Colors look really different from screen to screen.  Love the metal legs and how they cross.  Price is awesome.


Elements Cross-Design Grey Sofa Table

Option #4: Simple Living Piazza Sofa Table – great price $104 but not sure if the bottom is too boxy… might limit what I can put under it.


Simple Living Piazza Sofa Table

All of those options would probably work and most would be an ok expense for me (well..maybe…) but, ultimately, I’ve decided to do nothing…

Rather than buying something because I feel like I have to have something “Right now!!!” to fill a spot, because …what if someone came over and saw NOTHING???  Well, then I thought about it and I realized the simple truth that I seem to forget too often: my friends and my family don’t care if I have a blank space; they don’t come over just to see our things. They come to be with us, whatever our house looks like.  So it doesn’t matter at all if something is Undone.  Or if my house is messy. Or if Legos cover the dining room table that we don’t ever eat on.  If we wait for perfect, we will miss out on many wonderful moments with the people we love the most (if you like where this is going, you need to read a blog I follow: The Nester.  Click to see what she’s all about. Her blog is awesome!)

So I am just going to wait.  Not wait to invite people over or live our lives.  I mean wait to buy something. I mean it.  (The Boss is totally skeptical right now but I am strong.)

I am going to wait and wait until I find something that’s just right.  Hopefully it will be at a yard sale or at Sal Val and cost only $25.  That would make it even better.  A girl can dream, right?

In the meantime, what space are you struggling with in your home? Tell me about it.  Maybe we can fix that blank space together…or, maybe not for now?

ps.  If you read my post on plants, check out this orchid from Wal-Mart for only $9.  I’ve never had an orchid before but the label said to give it 3 ice cubes a week.  Now that’s my kind of plant.

Not sure how long it will bloom, but for $9, it was cheaper than a bouquet of flowers.


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  1. Loved this post…especially the ending! You are so very right, a home is about making memories not filling a space with stuff! I too have an Orchid which I placed on the sofa table and it looks so refreshing. Now I need to make some blank spaces of my own, I may have to much stuff…LOL Your house looks Beautiful!! Keep writing Angie! I am so enjoying your blog! Thank you, Stephanie


    • Thanks so much for reading!! I really appreciate it! I am trying really hard to only buy things I really, really love or are really, really cheap that I can’t pass up. Stressing over a clean house is the hardest part for me but I am really trying to let the messes happen. Please tell me when my kids get older they will clean too???


      • A clean home has always been a priority for me, I tried really hard to let it go & enjoy them while they were little! As they get older they definitely help more..so that’s a positive! 🙂


  2. Love your decorating! It creates a real homey feeling.


  3. Loved this article, just like the first few you wrote. I can’t wait to see what you write next.
    In my mind I was voting on the grey overstocks table. But loved that you decided to leave the space empty. Fingers crossed you find something perfect at a flee market. Oh, and what color paint are your dining room walls? Love that blue!


  4. Jill!! I loved that one too. I am still so tempted to buy it but I made this big public declaration that I would wait so I feel like my credit card is tied. Ha!Ha! I just looked in my basement and I have the paint can but no label for the dining room paint. I know its from Home Depot and its called Denim something but I know that’s no help. Hope you get some snow this weekend! Your boys will love it! Soon enough they will be jumping in your pool instead!


  5. “…my friends and my family don’t care if I have a blank space; they don’t come over just to see our things. They come to be with us, whatever our house looks like… If we wait for perfect, we will miss out on many wonderful moments with the people we love the most.”

    YES! Amen. I learn this lesson over and over and over and it’s beautiful and new everything I do! I love when other people put into words the things I’m experiencing but can’t articulate. Thank you!


    • I wish I had figured this out much sooner in my life. But I really believe it. I know you are making a new home for yourself with your beautiful boys and your husband. But I hope you learn from my earlier mistakes. Another lesson would be to save up for something really nice instead of just buying something to buy it.


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