Flea Market Flip!


That’s us!!!!!!

I’m going to be on Flea Market Flip!!!!!!!! Not just me, but John and our good friends, Rich and Melissa.  I have been dying to tell everyone but we signed a clause at our taping to keep it under wraps.  But since the new season is airing right now, I can tell you all!

If you’ve never heard of the show before, the premise is simple.  2 teams compete to buy 3 items for no more than $500 at a flea market, refurb/re-purpose those items in a workshop, and then later sell them at a different flea market.  The team with the highest profit margin wins.  And the host of the show is Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer, who has quite the background in design — she used to host Antiques Roadshow and she has published 2 books on the subject.  She knows her stuff!

That’s Lara Spencer.  She was so fun!

I applied last fall (2014) to be on the show.  I have always been the biggest fan and just kind of googled until I found an email address for a casting agent that had placed an ad for contestants for the show a few years back.  I decided to give it a try even though it was an old link, I sent an email begging stating that I’d love to be a contestant, that I loved junk and flea markets and Lara Spencer, that I’d do anything, etc, etc. and about 3 months later,  I was contacted by their casting agency to fill out an application. I couldn’t believe it! The email had worked.

Now for the interview… that was tough! Melissa and I were so nervous and had a Skype glitch to start which threw us both off our game.  Thankfully we recovered and the rest of the 45 minute interview went much smoother.  Then we nervously waited to hear if we would be on the show.

And we were in!!!!  When we got the email letting us know we were on the show, we were thrilled!! (Excuse all of my exclamation points in this post; I’ve counted 200! But since you can’t hear my voice and my enthusiasm, I have to show you!! I was literally bouncing!!!)

But then we found out about the twist …the casting agent asked us if our husbands might be interested in competing too.  The show’s producers wanted to do a Husbands vs. Wives show. Thankfully John and Rich both agreed after some major sweet-talking and ego stroking and we were in!! (just a side note here – the husbands had to be interviewed too but they claim the casting agent said their interview was the best in the history of the show! Come on! Really?!? Let the games begin!)

The husbands can’t take the heat.

We completed the taping last June (2015) and our show is set to air at the end of March – early April on the Great American Country channel.  We are Season 6, Episode 13 called (of course!) Husbands vs. Wives. New episodes are on Sundays at 8pm.  Re-runs of Flea Market Flip air on HGTV so if you don’t catch us on the GAC channel, you can later watch us on HGTV or on Amazon.

This is our “buy” day which was at an amazing flea market called the Elephant’s Trunk, in New Milford, Connecticut.

2 of my former students, Wade and Adam, also competed on the show this season, Season 6, Episode 1, called Rockers vs. Besties (they’re the Besties.) I passed their info along to the casting agent because I thought they would be perfect on the show and they were!! Check out their episode too.  The pieces they created were so unique.  I especially loved their Mid-century  mod cabinet and the custom paint job.  Those guys have talent!

I can’t wait to show you what we bought, and what we created (and what our husbands bought too), but I have to wait until the show airs before I can show you the behind-the-scenes pics.

Outfit #2 of 3.  They taped 3 episodes that day.

So check back!  I will be posting the date our show will air as soon as it’s confirmed! Then, you can watch and find out who won Flea Market Flip — the husbands or the wives????????







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  1. Awesome!! I can’t wait to see it! Soooo fun!


  2. Angie, this is so exciting!!! I love that show! Congratulations! I am so impressed with your website and your blog with the great decorating tips! I will be following!


    • Ahh…Thanks Marcy! Your comment made my day!! Thanks for following along. I have been reading blogs for a while and wanted to try my own. I will def let you know the air date. Hope you are doing well!! Your girls are beautiful! I love seeing their pics on FB!


  3. Wow, how cool!


  4. Thanks Lori! I bet your vote is for John, though! 😉


  5. WOW Angie this is too cool. I do love that show and Lara!! I can’t wait to see what all of your (wives and husbands) picks were and what you did with them!

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  6. Congrats Angie! This is awesome!!! So happy for you and can’t wait to see the episode. I love the show.

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  7. I love this show. Please make sure we know date and time🎉‼️‼️

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  8. I have the same necklace that Lara has on, the gold and tourquoise necklace


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